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Lost In Translation: News About North Korea Is Tricky

Anyone trying to follow the situation in North Korea the past few months might be feeling the pangs of whiplash. Today, these two headlines existed on a single webpage hosted by From this news feed it appears North Korea has managed to back down and level new threats in the same moment. 

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Facebook takes context-based approach to fake news problem, Grapple is next

Facebook's playbook of fake news mitigation strategies is beginning to look more like our project at Grapple. The social media behemoth plans to start offering "related stories" alongside news posts beginning this week, allowing readers to see potentially conflicting information on a news story.

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Do you know where you are on the internet?

Per the laws of physics, us humans live in a relativistic world. Is the hill small or large? An answer depends on where the subject of the question is standing in relation to said hill. New information is always colored by some aspect of physical perspective. "Did you hear John is going to quit," one brand of office gossip might go around. "No, where did you hear that," is a natural and common answer to such untested news. 

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