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Do you know where you are on the internet?

Per the laws of physics, us humans live in a relativistic world. Is the hill small or large? An answer depends on where the subject of the question is standing in relation to said hill. New information is always colored by some aspect of physical perspective. "Did you hear John is going to quit," one brand of office gossip might go around. "No, where did you hear that," is a natural and common answer to such untested news. 

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The week in fake news: did a Muslim woman ignore a dying man in Paris?

There were about 10 million new articles published online since Monday, and a great number of them weren't fact checked before authors clicked publish. That's what Grapple is here for. As we continue to build a company to develop automated fact checking software, we will keep tabs on the most widely spread falsehoods and half-troths found on the web and social media this week. 

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Grapple: not all is right in news about United Airlines

United Airlines was off to another turbulent start Monday morning. Less than one week after their viral PR quaff, involving airport security violently dragging a doctor through the aisle of a plane, the nation's most distrusted major airline is yet again in the spotlight. This time: a couple was booted from a flight that was supposed to take them to their own wedding.

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