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Facebook takes context-based approach to fake news problem, Grapple is next

Facebook's playbook of fake news mitigation strategies is beginning to look more like our project at Grapple. The social media behemoth plans to start offering "related stories" alongside news posts beginning this week, allowing readers to see potentially conflicting information on a news story.

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Monday Memo: Will Facebook's fake news tool work? Experts say 'nope'

Social media platforms have made strides in the first three months of the year to develop systems that take aim at fake news and misleading information. They have had plenty of encouragement to that end. Germany's justice minister has threatened social networks with fines for failure to delete or screen what it calls hate content. Given Deutschland's economic prominence (it is the largest consumer market in the European Union), and history of censorship regimes, Facebook has plenty of incentive to heed such a warning.

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