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Fake news and tech collided in New Orleans. Here's what we learned

My business partner, Alex Vogel, and I were involved in some sort of collision in New Orleans this week. Some 10-ought thousand(s) like-minded entrepreneurs and tech CEOs were crammed into a convention hall. A lot of words were exchanged and traded and reconsidered and mixed and mingled. Investors danced with Alphas. The result was something of a metamorphic knowledge factory, yielding more than a few insights into how Grapple's forthcoming search concept. 

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We're on a collision course with fake news, hit the throttle

Grapple's fake news fact checking software is about to collide with the upper echelons of the tech business. Tuesday beckons Collision Conference, a three day New Orleans exposition featuring startup companies, Fortune 500 CEOs and some of the brightest minds in technology fields ranging from artificial intelligence to big data to social networking. Grapple will be attending the international conference as part of the Alpha entry program, which affords promising startups discounted admission and a suite of services to foster connections with human resources, investors and business partnerships. 

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