Does boiling water too long make it toxic? Is this fake news? How does one know?

So you left that tea kettle on the stove a little bit too long the other day. The phone rang. Babies cried. Something happened, and your boiling water sat on the stove a bit too long. But has your overheated teapot turned your water into a toxic brew of fluoride, nitrites and heavy metals? According to several articles circulating the web, a pour from a twice-boiled pot of water could be the physiological equivalent of Satan’s liquor.


Before you call your doctor and schedule a blood test, take a step back. There’s some good news in all of this: these articles are entirely fake. The pseudo science presented on blogs like Healthy Holistic Living is corroborated by neither science nor, well, more legitimate blogs. As Snopes points out, the minuscule scale of mineral and metal content in drinking water means that you would have to reboil your tea water hundreds of times before toxins became concentrated enough to have a minor impact on your health. 

But it’s hard to know what you can’t see. That’s where Grapple comes in. We are currently building a software program that would automatically identify missing context or poorly-sourced information in an online article like this one, and bring it to your attention before you get scared. That way we don’t have to. Boil away.