Progress: watch a demonstration of our fake news software


As we approach our first venture capital conference, Grapple's fake news finding automated research software is starting to take on a more substantial form. Today, in advance of the StrtupBoost Investment Conference on Thursday, we released the first video demonstration of our software concept (posted below). It's short, at 2 minutes and 30 seconds, but it offers the first one-stop coherent demonstration of how Grapple's API would approach a widely spread fake news article. 

The story in question resurfaced in December as a ghost of an inaccurate quote in a 2014 Time Magazine story. Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan was breaking out as a party frontman that year, when he caught not one, but two rounds of national attention for comments he made about social welfare at the Conservative Political Action Conference. 

In round one, a Time magazine reporter parsed together two sections of a longer monologue to form a sentence in which Ryan said free school lunches gives kids an "empty soul." It was a simplification of a much more boilerplate conservative comment about perceived overuse of social welfare, but it made the rounds on social media feeds not one, but twice after it resurfaced in Denver (masquerading as a new story).

Time had already added a correction to the story and changed the headline, but no matter. The doctored and refreshed December story made the rounds a second time and again attracted the attention of major news outlets. If only readers knew how old and deceptive the whole thing was, perhaps it would have fell flat on its face.

There was also a second wave of publicity stemming from the CPAC speech -- or in this case a middle wave -- in which it was discovered a key part of Ryan's school lunch speech relied on a fabricated anecdote.

This brief and incredibly simple demonstration offers a straight forward example of how Grapple would approach the problem, and what information readers would glean from an instantaneous analysis of both the original Time Magazine source and followup reports on Ryan's CPAC speech. 

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