Do you trust what you're reading online?

We are building an application that empowers readers to understand information in its true spacial context. Grapple will trace the pedigree of online content, plotting a roadmap of information as it moves across the web. See the story behind the story in a single click. Where did a story originate? Who put it there and when? How has it changed over time? 

The Problem

Social media platforms and search engines produce results based on the user's prior knowledge. Even if better information is available online, most internet users only see content that is delivered through social or search feeds. Web 2.0 is a complex hall of mirrors that reinforces sometimes false perceptions about news events.

Our Solution

Computers already know how to read. We can teach them how to search. Unbundling a chain of online articles takes time and is a bore. That's what Grapple is for. Our bot will do the legwork for you, tracing keywords, figures and sources backwards to their point of origin. There's no source like the original.

Watch the demonstration of our news fact-checking platform.