Cut fact-checking and breaking news research time to seconds.


Accelerated Research

Grapple will trace the pedigree of online content, plotting a roadmap of information as it moves across the web. See the story behind the story in a single click. Where did a story originate? Who put it there and when? How has it changed over time? 


Identify Online misinformation

01 / OPEN

Ask any grade schooler snubbed by a dirty rumor, the quality of information depends on its source. Grapple is a web application that will put readers in the driver’s seat, providing end user fact checking by expanding available context and information.


Grapple will use natural language processing to break down real text into searchable terms, then perform automated background research to deliver readers missing context and source history in an intuitive interface.


Grapple does not filter online content. Instead, it cross checks real text in news articles and online publications with other available sources. In an instant, Grapple users will have access to more of the internet than ever before.