Ask any grade schooler snubbed by a dirty rumor, the quality of information depends on its source. Grapple is a web application that will put you in the driver’s seat, showing you where information is coming from and how it evolves as it's shared.


Grapple takes advantage of a unique semantic model (a cornerstone of artificial intelligence) to break down text in online material and recognize when unique ideas emerge among different types of content.


Organizing material into realtime, adaptable threads not only enables better analytics for news people and public relations professionals, it creates a new form of accountability. It becomes clear where ideas start and who started them. 

 John Harper | Grapple Media

John Harper | Grapple Media

John Harper

Business Dev |

After a career writing for two of the United States' largest metropolitan daily newspapers, John left the industry to find a solution to the pervasive fraudulent and misleading content that plagues online news feeds and social media platforms. John graduated from Tulane University of New Orleans with honors in economics and studied new media economics at the Warsaw School of Economics in Poland. John serves as an editorial advisor to several startup publications and digital news sources.

 Johnny Dunn | Grapple Media

Johnny Dunn | Grapple Media


Software Dev |

A graduate of the Parsons New School of Design, Johnny Dunn is a musician turned journalist turned software developer. Johnny's specialty is natural language processing. His capstone project, called Emote, was a personified chatbot that was designed to engage in realistic text message conversations, mimicking Johnny's own sense of humor. He built Emoter by creating a neural network that ingested all of his Facebook messenger conversations. Johnny joined Grapple after leaving IP Soft, where he coded A.I. applications.