Ask any grade schooler snubbed by a dirty rumor, the quality of information depends on its source. Grapple is a web application that will put you in the driver’s seat, providing end user fact checking by expanding available context and information.


Grapple uses natural language processing algorithms to break down real text into searchable terms, then perform automated background research to deliver missing context and source history in an intuitive interface.


Grapple does not filter online content. Instead, it cross checks real text in news articles and online publications with other available sources. In an instant, Grapple users can access more of the internet than ever before.

John Harper | Grapple Media

John Harper | Grapple Media

John Harper

Founder |

After a career writing for two of the United States' largest metropolitan daily newspapers, I left the newspaper industry to find a solution to the pervasive fraudulent and misleading content that plagues online news feeds. I have a degree in economics from Tulane University of New Orleans and also studied at the Warsaw School of Economics. I live in Brooklyn, New York and work as a contributing writer for The Points Guy, Occupy Democrats and others. 

Alex Vogel | Grapple Media

Alex Vogel | Grapple Media

Alex Vogel

Development Director |

A small business owner and online hospitality entrepreneur based in New Orleans' French Quarter, I joined Grapple to manage business development and marketing efforts. A graduate of Tulane University and The University of New Orleans, I hold a Bachelor of Science in Management of finance and fine arts, and a Post-Bachelors degree in genetics. I specialize in applying creative solutions to real problems.